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DataScout, LLC is an Arkansas based company that designs and maintains web based programs and applications for county governments and real estate professionals. The company’s product lines include DataScoutPro.com, actDataScout.com, ScoutAssess, and designs county websites.

actDataScout.com was released in 2005 as a tool for counties to increase the transparency of the assessor records to their constituents. 17 counties were involved in the first release of actDataScout.com. As of 2012, actDataScout.com represents a total of 30 counties in the state of Arkansas.

Last year, actDataScout.com accounted for millions of unique visitors and tens of millions of pageviews (property searches). This has directly led to less foot traffic in the Assessor’s office and fewer calls for general information, which correlates to more time for everyday duties and more office productivity. Listed below are some of the benefits that our county assessor clients have mentioned about the product:

  • Allows immediate 24/7 access for taxpayers to your county’s public records
  • Decreases the amount of foot traffic in your office
  • Decreases the number of phone calls to your office about real property data
  • Increases your county’s visibility and exposure
  • Increases services to taxpayers
  • No county Information Technology staff needed
  • Help to comply with Arkansas Freedom of Information Acts.

(This program does not allow standard CAMA extract for bulk downloads but simply displays the data online.)

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