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Do I have to have an account to do a public search?

No. Although it is not required for you to have an account to search there are benefits to registering and logging in to do your searching.

Do I have to purchase a county to register?
No - you do not have to purchase a county to register. Registering does give you added benefits to using the site.
How do I sign up?

You can sign up on the Registration page. You will be asked for information such as your name, mailing address, email address, and password. Your email and password is what you will use in the future when logging in to the site. Once you have entered this information, you will click the Continue button found at the bottom of the page. If all the information has been entered correctly, your account will be set up and you can then begin to search as a registered user or you may continue on to the Subscription page in order to select the counties you would like to be able to access.

► Public Searching

How do I search for information?

When searching for information, you must first choose which county you want to search in. The list of available counties is located in the County drop down menu that is on every page of the actDataScout website. Once you click on a county name you will be taken to that counties search page.

Searches may be performed on the following fields:

  • Property ID
  • Parcel Number
  • Owner's Name
  • Property Address
  • Subdivision
  • S-T-R (Section - Township - Range)

Select which criteria you wish to search for and enter the criteria into the search box. When you are ready, click "Submit" to see matching properties. The matching properties will be displayed as a list to the right of the search box. To view more details for a particular property in the list, click the link in the ID field.

What criteria can I search on?
Searches may be performed on the following fields:
  • Property ID
  • Parcel Number
  • Owner's Name
  • Property Address
  • Subdivision
  • S-T-R (Section - Township - Range)

In general, the search criteria must be entered in the same format as the county. For example, if the county enters Parcel numbers with dashes, you must enter the dashes to find the property. If you are unsure which format the county uses, you may need to perform a couple of sample searches to get an idea of what format the county prefers.

Why can't I find what I'm looking for?

There are two common reasons a search fails to return the desired property. The search criteria you enter may contain too much information or else it may not be an exact match to the county's data.

Search tips based on criteria:

  • Property ID:
    Property IDs are always numbers and never contain dashes. If you are unable to find a property based on Property ID, verify that the ID is valid.

  • Parcel number:
    The parcel number entered into the search field must be an exact match for the parcel number in the county's database. If the county uses the format 123-45678-910, the parcel number must include the dashes. While different counties may use different formats, each county usually uses the same format for all their properties. If you are unsure what format a county uses, try doing a general name search ex: Name = "Smith"). This should return a long list of properties, and viewing the parcel numbers of those properties will give you an idea of that county's preferred format.

  • Owner's name:
    An owner's name should be entered last name first. Some counties enter commas between last and first names, others do not. If you are unsure how an owner's first name is listed with the county, it may be best to search only on last name or to try different variations of the owner's first name. For instance, if the owner's name is Billy Smith, you might try "Smith Billy", "Smith, Bill" or "Smith William".

  • Property address:
    Searches done on property address allow for three different pieces of information to be entered. You may enter one, two, or all three of these when searching. The first field is for street number, the second field is for street direction (N, S, E, W, etc.) and the third field is for street name. The street type (Rd., St., Dr., etc) should never be entered. If your search does not return the desired property, try entering less information. For instance, if searching for "100 S. Main" does not return any properties, try searching for just "100 Main" or even just "Main". This may return more results than you need, but a quick scan of the results is often enough to locate the desired property.

  • Subdivision:
    When searching by subdivision, a list of valid subdivisions for that county is provided. If the subdivision name is too long to be viewed in the drop-down list, the full name will appear above the search results.

  • S-T-R:
    Section, Township, and Range is almost always formatted as "12-34-56". You must enter all three numbers and the dashes when searching by S-T-R.

The information listed for my property is incorrect, how do I change it?
The information found on this site comes directly from the county/parish assessor's office. If you think some information may be incorrect, contact the county/parish assessor's office. You can find the assessor's contact information by clicking the county's name in the "County" menu located at the top of each page.
How can I contact my assessor?
County assessor information can be found on the left side in the side bar on most pages of the site. First navigate to the county you want more information on in the "County" menu located at the top of each page.
Is the information on this website current?
In most cases, the information on this site is updated from the county assessor's office on a monthly basis. To see the date on which a county's data was updated, look above the picture on the county's search page. You can reach a county's search page by clicking the county's name in the "County" menu located at the top of each page.
What if I need more information?
If you need more information on a particular property, you may contact the county assessor's office. If you need to search by additional criteria such as sales info or property details, The Professional Search is available to offer more options to professionals.

► Pro Searching

How do I Perform a Search?

In order to perform a professional search, you must have registered and purchased a subscription to the county you are interested in.

Once you have a subscription and are logged in, click the "Counties" option on the navigation bar at the top of the window. Then select Personal or Real Property option so that you get a county listing. All counties that you have a subscription to will have a "Pro" next to them. Select the county where you would like to do your search.

This will take you to the Search page where you will see the following criteria:

  • Property Type - On the left side of the search page, there are two drop-down menus that allow you to limit the search to Residential only or Commercial Only. The second drop down list is used to limit results to either Improved only or Vacant only.

    When you select Residential or Commercial only, the search fields unique to that property type will appear at the bottom of the search page.

  • Choose a County - On the left side of the search page, directly below the Property Type menus, you will see a list of all the counties you currently have access to.

    Beside each county's name is a radio button. A search may be performed on only one county at a time. To include a county in the search, be sure to select the county you are interested in.

  • Property Status - By default the property status is checked to include those results in your search. To exclude these from your results just uncheck the items you do not want to include.

  • General Property Information - The ability to search by General Property information is available to all professional county subscribers.

    When searching for a specific property, it is not necessary to enter information into all fields. It is often best to enter as little information as is necessary to uniquely identify the parcel. When a Parcel Number or Property ID is available, this is usually enough information to locate the parcel.

  • Owner Mailing Address Information - Searching Mailing Address information is available to all professional county subscribers.

  • Property Transfers Information - These search fields are available to all professional county subscribers

    If you wish to include all sold properties, you can enter a "0" in the minimum sale price field.

  • Residential / Commercial Property Information - These search fields are available to all professional county subscribers and are specific to either Residential or Commercial properties and will only appear once the search has been limited to either Residential Only or Commercial Only.

Residential Property Information

Commercial Property Information

Once you have entered all applicable criteria, click the "View Results" button. If no results are returned, or if too many results were returned, a message will appear on the screen. Otherwise, you will be taken to the results page where you can scan through the list of results, view property details, or run reports.

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