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Current Pottawatomie County Millage Rates

Millages shown are tentative and not finalized until late November.

Tax UnitSchool\Tax DistrictCityMillage
10-R North Rock Creek (Shawnee) SD Rural 94.16
10SHA Shawnee (North Creek SD) Shawnee 94.16
112-A Asher Asher 101.94
112-R Asher SD Rural 103.78
115-R Wanette SD Rural 79.00
115-T Tribbey (Wanette SD) Tribbey 79.01
115-W Wanette Wanette 79.01
117-M Maud Maud 91.10
117-R Maud SD Rural 92.44
27-R Grove SD Rural 95.78
27SHA Shawnee (Grove SD) Shawnee 95.78
29-R Pleasant Grove (Shawnee) SD Pleasant Grove 78.55
29SHA Shawnee ( Pleasant Grove SD) Shawnee 78.55
32-R South Rock Creek (Shawnee) SD Rural 93.43
32SHA Shawnee (South Rock Creek SD) Shawnee 93.43
32TEC Tecumseh (South Rock Creek SD) Tecumseh 93.78
92-R Tecumseh Rural 94.77
92TEC Tecumseh Tecumseh 94.77
92TT1 Tecumseh 92 TT1 0.00
92TT1 Tecumseh 92 TT1 Tecumseh 95.18
93-R Shawnee SD Shawnee 102.04
93BET Shawnee Bethel Acres 99.85
93SHA Shawnee (93-R SD) Shawnee 102.04
93ST1 Shawnee (Downtown) Shawnee 99.85
93TEC Tecumseh (Shawnee SD) Tecumseh 99.85
I-1-R McLoud SD Rural 91.73
I-2-R Dale SD Rural 97.84
I-3-R Bethel Acres SD Rural 97.12
I-4-R Macomb SD Rural 79.06
I-5-R Earlsboro Rural 95.36
I1MCL McLoud McLoud 91.73
I1OKC Oklahoma City (McCloud SD) Oklahoma City 106.54
I1SHA Shawnee (McLoud SD) Shawnee 91.73
I2DAL Dale Dale 98.65
I2MCL Dale SD McLoud 97.84
I2SHA Shawnee (Dale SD) Shawnee 97.84
I3BET Bethel Acres Bethel Acres 97.11
I3SHA Shawnee (Bethel Acres SD) Shawnee 97.12
I4MAC Macomb Macomb 79.06
I5EAR Earlsboro Earlsboro 96.50
JT-14 Strother SD Strother 82.36
JT-4 Konowa SD Konowa 72.89
JT-4S Konowa (St. Louis) SD Konowa 88.07
JT-7 Harrah SD Harrah 102.54
JT-70 Little Axe SD Little Axe 100.72
JT-95 Meeker SD Meeker 89.55
JT103 Prague SD Prague 107.47